The stigma surrounding LGBT

I am fiercly supportive of the LGBT community, for several reasons: one of my best friends is bisexual, I myself do not identify as a heterosexual, and EVERYONE has the right to love.

So, naturally, when I came back to India after 7 months to meet my parents, I wanted to share my thoughts with them. After all, my mother is one of my biggest confidants, and I love talking to her about such topics.

However, this was a BIG mistake.

I knew it would be absolutely stupid to discuss this with my father. After all, he was born in a village in rural India. He would never understand. With my mother, however, I discussed this topic.

At the time, she seemed pretty alright with it. As the days passed, however, maybe she changed her mind, maybe her Indian instincts kicked in? So today, when she got angry at me, she said that she hoped my kids would be gay, and not continue my lineage, whatever that means.

It wasn’t what she said that hurt me so much, it was the way she said it. She genuinely feels that this is disgusting, and a curse. That this is the worst thing that could happen with my life.

I feel like I brought this upon myself and feel so stupid, on the other hand I simply cannot believe that this is my mother. I’m not disgusted, just so, so sad. And I know this is horrible, but thank goodness I’m not gay. Perhaps my mother would’ve murdered me if I was.


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