Of character development and depression

I think it’s a indisputable fact that we want to be popular. We want to be known, and to be cherised, loved, adored, missed.

It’s also true that when you have a friend who has all these things and you, well, don’t, it sucks.

This friend (let’s call her Baby, since she’s well-loved by everyone), sat me down at supper and did a character assassination of yours truly. My wounds are still fresh, and my ego has been hurt.

But more importantly, this friend has shaken up my ideals.

I always thought that being yourself was the key to being liked. Yet, after 6 months of living in this city, I find myself alone. I am loud, rambunctious, and in essence: annoying. And now I am wondering if I can change myself.

Ah, how the truth hurts.


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