the struggles of getting an Indian education

I’ve been sitting on my high horse all this while, thinking that I could get into an Indian university if I wanted to (I got a decent result for my A Levels) and after 8 months of lazing around I finally decided to do some research on the options I have if all the overseas universities I apply to reject.

Let me just saw that I got quite a rude shock.

My chances are zero. Well, not really zero, some university will surely take me. But this can be achieved through two ways only: I attend a private university and get my parents to fork out a ridiculously large amount of money, all so that I can have a degree that is NOT going to help me get a job (the reputation of private universities here is terrible) or I do a degree in some obsolete government college that won’t get me a job either.

 How thoroughly depressing.

It’s really frightening that most of the young people in my country won’t be able to get a decent education unless they study for 12 hours a day and get 98% in their board exams (I am serious). There are so many people in India that are DYING to get out of the cycle of poverty that it has become a rat race, almost literally.

This really humbles me; makes me realise that the grades I’ve been boasting really are NOTHING here. But this post really isn’t about me, it’s about those thousands of people who cannot learn even though they deserve it.

Here’s to the hope that a day will come when EVERONE who deserves it can get a decent education; can learn whatever the hell they want as long as they have the ability to. That they can have supportive tutors who don’t drone on during lectures and refuse to entertain any questions, leaving you confused and unable to understand.


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