fun day

As the title so explicitly suggests, today was such a fun day! I did a lot of food experimenting, and my mother is probably sick of me spending so many hours in the kitchen instead of at my study table.

Oh well.

Gonna have to cheer her up with some vegan chocolate cake!! (following chocolate covered katie’s recipe, of course:

Anyway, so here are the things I managed to make today:

1. Green food colouring

India’s Republic Day was on 26th January, and I really REALLY wanted to make a Tiranga (colours of the Indian flag: Orange, White and Green) cake! Not with the three colours on toop, but INSIDE. Like the lovely surprise-inside cakes that Amy from has trademarked.

Unfortunately, I got really busy + I couldn’t find green food colouring (stupid Indian shops) so I kinda gave up. And then nearly a week later, I realised I could just make some at home! I got a bunch of spinach, boiled it for an hour (the original recipe says 4 hours but i didn’t wanna waste gas), blitzed it in my Magic Bullet and tasted it. I wanted to add the entire thing, spinach and all, into my cake batter so it’s a deeper green. But alas! Blitzed spinach feels really weird on the tongue so I used a muslin cloth to sieve out the leaves and I have a pretty deep green! So pleased 🙂

2. Mustard

Mustard is impossible to find here, so I decided to make my own! Found this wonderful recipe here and now my seeds are soaking in the vinegar concoction. Hoping it is a success!

3. Coconut Milk

Studying in SCGS (only the best school in Singapore, in my humble opinion) has spoilt me, because of the AMAZING Laksa that one of the stalls sold! SO GOOD. So, I wanted to make some at home because I really really miss South East Asian food. And then I realised I was out of coconut milk 😦 What a meaningless existence.

And then Google came to my rescue again! And I found this wonderful recipe by Lesh Karan ( So I bought some dessicated coconut and made milk. DELICIOUS. Very tempted to just make a milkshake with it (with bananas of course) and drink it all up. But I shall not. And even if I do, I can just make another batch! Never ever gonna buy canned coconut milk again.

4. Coconut flour

So, making the coconut milk left me with a lot of dessicated coconut nonsense (I was very tempted to eat this up on its own as well) but I CONTROLLED and make me some coconut flour! Which I shall use in Holly Perkins’s amazing cookie in a pan recipe (

So essentially, I’m having my cake (cookie) and eating it too.

Life is wonderful.

So I’m gonna be making a Tiranga cake this Sunday! Shall post pictures if it is a success.

In other news, I was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night (amazing how just 10 minutes of that can work as #fitspiration for a week) and I have found the most beautiful person in the world: Sui He!!! OMG so totally girl crushing

Here is a photo (not mine) so that you can see what I mean.

And when she’s modelling, it’s a WHOLE other story.


Ok I think that’s ending the post on a sweet enough note.


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